Just Not Enough

It was a bliss – that feeling of cheer that came my way one rainy November evening. Living in this world, alone and depressed from time to time, it seemed happy to realize that despite all the hardships I face, a new horizon is always in full view at the end of the day.

I was a kid in the dark, alone and cold; clueless and lost; confused and torn. But amidst the dark and desolate life that suddenly befell me, a candle was lit.

Its light was small, and darkness enveloped its very entity, yet it burned bright, and Hope continued to illuminate my surroundings. A little candle managed to warm my palms, but most especially, my heart. I finally saw a smile, from the reflection that emanated from the puddle. And because of that, slowly, but surely, I started to hope that this would continue, all throughout the night.

And as the night grows dimmer by the hour, the rains starts to pour again, and the winds blew harder each and every time. The light flickered, and I feared for the worst. I couldn’t afford to lose this light in this dark and gloomy evening.

But, the longer I try to hold on, the more obstacles I face, and the faster it burns its flame. Now, I begin to doubt myself, if I could even feel the same way again, once the candle melts out, and the first few rays of the sun is finally in full view.