YOU, YES YOU. Can I ask for 365 Daily Challenge Topics?



Keep Aiming

Just this morning, I was faced yet again by another setback while preparing for our Organization’s Operational Plan – the Organization’s Plan of Activities for the whole school year. ¬†Our Committee Directors, mostly Senior Chemistry Students, are busy with their Summer Practicum, and the other officers are busy with their Summer Class (like me, for instance).

And what’s worse in this situation, is that we have barely 6 days to finish the Operational Plan, before we defend our proposed activities to the Student Affairs Office.


It’s been very stressful for me, and being the President, I did not want to take on all the responsibilities for them, in order to finish this task. And right now, I feel utterly depressed with how things are going. I even succumbed to writing my own resignation letter, even before I start my work with the Society, and settle as the Organization’s Society Representative to our National Organization – the Philippine Association of Chemistry Students.

And as I finished posting my rather long (and depressing) announcement to get this Operational Plan done (and so I can start drafting my Resignation Letter), a friend of mine shared this photo on Facebook:


A thought came into me, and I began praying. Maybe this is just part of the struggles I have to face for now. Maybe I still have a lot to prove, and I have to prove my unbelievers wrong. I closed my browser, and began drafting portions of the OP.

I just got to keep aiming, and aim higher than before.


Long Time Buddies

I woke up this morning, with something on my chest, that somehow gave me the reason to smile for the rest of the day.

You were not mine to keep, for you were not mine to receive. But years havepassed us by, and for the longest time that you have been with me, nobody seemed to object that I never neglected how I taken you into my care.

That in my 19 years, I would succumb to take you to my bath, and even talk to you while I sleep. And whenever I hugged you so tight (and I knew that if you only had the will to speak up, you’d probably tell me to get away from you once in a while), I remind myself of the times when he was ever hopeful, to earn your owner’s Love. And I would even cry out to you, whenever I’m alone, and you be on top of my head whenever I’m reviewing for an exam, overseeing me if I keep on looking at my phone, rather than my notes.

I may have forgotten to return to her, but whenever I see myself taking care of you, rekindling how I wished I received you from him instead, even if we don’t talk to each other anymore, I am happy with how things have gone.
And we can be even better than how Calvin and Hobbes were like.