Tough Calls

Its another rainy afternoon, as I sit here on my favorite chair at a Starbucks branch near my place – my rendezvous, and sweet, caffeine-filled escape from the harsh reality as I sip a cup of Caramel Frappuccino, and light up a stick or two, while savoring the cool breeze through my face. The thunderstorms didn’t seem to surprise me, as I start to jot down my random thoughts.

But this time, I feel as if the turmoil outside the coffee shop, cannot compare to the agony and the questions that linger inside my head, as I recall how the conversation went two weeks ago.

Right now, things are a little bit confusing, especially when I now bear once again, the pressures of finally finishing my degree, and (while doing so) fixing my Green Card before I turn 21 next year. With all these rambling thoughts in my head, I just cant seem to get myself back on track.