They lurk, they creep. They hear me weep
My heart out loud, I try to keep
And silence them inside my head
I stare outside the shop instead.

They seek, they feed on my defeat
And they grin on to my retreat
I close my eyes, tears down my cheek
As they get strong, while I’m here weak.

They sting; they stab, and leave me sore.
They made me doubt what I’d fight for.
I sigh and pray, coz there’s still more
Right there, just waiting out my door.


Behold the Martyr

Despite the tears, he fakes a smile
He doesn’t tinge, with her goodbye
Knew she was with another guy
His grin can’t dry his teary eyes.

He say he’s strong and tough inside
But begs her on that Wednesday night
“You said you won’t leave me here tonght?
And promised not to make me cry?”

In hopes that she’ll return one day,
He waits and tries to be that way
In desperation the martyr stays
Though his beloved returns, nay.

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The Agony

Caged, in this house full of lies.
The pain! It slowly creeps inside
And I, with efforts to sustain
Down on my knees I remain
I cry.

Eyes, crimson red oh bloodshot eyes
Reason? No time to ask him why
As he slaps his words to our cheeks
And we fall– she and me
I sigh.

Words may not contain all these
But still, I refrain to believe
Two months? We need stay for two more?
If we can just go tonight..