My Five Minutes in Heaven

And there it was.

Another memory to fill my lonely nights. Another living nightmare to haunt me in broad daylight. Another story I could’ve written a better ending to. But there it was. An ending too soon to be felt.

Oh, too soon.

How I long to repress this at the back of my mind. A blissful encounter, which I suppose was kept brief for a very good reason. Like the changing of the seasons, it came. Like the changing of the seasons, it left.As we stepped out of the walls that confined us, nothing felt the same anymore. We talked, and laughed as moonlight shined down on us lonely creatures – who felt the longing to be loved, and to be loved accordingly in return.

Lips the like April rose. A warmth like sunny rays of May. With the euphoria felt in June, we stayed in that cabin. The torrid winds of July, I felt his chest in mine. Hearts beating to the adrenaline rush that came with our affections. And like the August rain, reality came pouring down on us, until it washed everything away.

It drifted me apart from you, in the calamity that was us.

And there it was: the final say.

I held your hand one more time, this time not with hope, but with uncertainty – for what happens when day breaks is something I cannot tell – like the secrets we had in that cabin. Was five minutes enough, to tell?

Or would it take me longer to forget?


365 Days of Writing Prompts: Ripped into the Headline



11:45 AM 6/9/2014

Manila, Philippines – After a long hiatus during the Christmas and the Summer Breaks, long time college blogger Joshua Jimenez (@sijoshjimenez) resumes the continuum of blog posts for his WordPress Blog, ‘Tidbits’.

“Yes, it has been a long time since I updated my blog. I have been pretty busy for a long time, especially this May up to early June coz I was preoccupied with the enrollment procedures, and keeping the house clean”, said Jimenez through an interview.

According to Jimenez, a more frequent surge of posts, with the help of The Daily Post’s ‘365 Days of Writing Prompts’ – a day to day list of awesome writing prompts to challenge, inspire and motivate any blogger into writing the whole year around. “It will definitely be a challenge for me, but because most of the people who read my works are looking forward to be coming back to WP (WordPress) to blog again, it makes all the difference – because they inspire me to write awesome poetry, and prose for all the world to see, and share”.

Jimenez also included that he will be starting his blog again early this week.



It was another cold evening, and I was on my way home from the coffee shop.  I bothered to stay there for an afternoon to get away from my bed, and to start with my Review of Related Literature (for my thesis). Just when I mistook the afternoon heat, I forgot to bring my big umbrella, and took awhile to wait for the pouring rain to subside. It was past 7 o’clock, and I had to rush home. However, it seemed like the weather was not going to allow me for next half our or so.

The Final Exams was getting near by the day, and I am getting overwhelmed by the bunch of paper work which I still have to do. Aside from reports, I was finishing my first three chapters for my thesis, which is due two weeks from now while studying for my major subjects. I could very well say that its not as easy as it seemed, as I spend my nights with cups of  coffee, and my laptop. Having tried hard to focus on my schooling, things would come up from time to time, straying me from my trail of thought, leading me to my fatal flaw – flashbacks and reminiscing. Oh yes, its that difficult for me to regain my ‘moment’ once it starts to throw me off course.

Half an hour has passed, and its the rain settled down to a drizzle. I decided to walk through this rain, with the scarf on my head, quick enough to get to a shed (I was thinking my move was getting me closer to the jeepney terminal, than waiting inside the coffee shop).  Just when I was near the mall’s shed, I took a couple of minutes more before I started walking under the rain.

As I walked towards the pedestrian, I noticed this two guys under an umbrella – wherein one of the guys was clutching to the other guy’s arm. just like a girl. Well, probably they realized nobody was going to notice them, since people were in a rush to get home, and it was raining, so they went on like that under the guy’s umbrella. I stopped briefly to see them, and then I saw them smile at each other, not caring about the people around them, and instead finding refuge and feeling close to one another in this cold and rainy weather.

I couldn’t stop myself from thinking – weren’t they so happy? And somehow, I began wondering how happy it could’ve felt, being with someone whom you could be at ease with: someone you can laugh with even when the world frowns, raises you up even when the world looks down on you;love you in spite of the things that you’ve done and most of all, loves you because of the trust and the respect you had for one another. Seeing a couple like that makes me smile, but stabs me inside, for a reason I know very well.

For a year has passed, by the scars remain open, and I’m stuck under the rain to wash my eyes from crying.


Prom Night Part II

The clock struck 6, and the people were all swaying with their partners towards the dance hall. The boys, holding  the girls’ hands, dance gracefully to the tempo of the music.

James was almost late for his batch to dance in the procession. Paul winked and raised his thumb, signalling him that he was just in time for the entrance. He saw him hold hands with his partner, a long time crush since Sophomore year, Lalaine.

He feels the jitters while waiting. Was it because of the dance? Of course it ain’t because of Paul and Lalaine! Right now, he’s just not sure, and pretends that its nothing.

“Let’s get this over with,” he whispered to himself.

As the music turned to the sound of ________, he glided with his partner, and best friends Natalie along the hall. Everyone was amazed with how they danced. They’ve never seem James dance like that before. He was smiling, and his feet were like skating through a smooth sheet of ice. All of the students were in awe, and even Paul was left jaw-dropped while watching James and Natalie own the dance floor.

He never told me he could dance that well? Wow. He’s just amazing tonight.


As they exited the middle of the hall, there was this flushed look in his cheeks that he can’t deny not having. “I told ‘ya we can pull this of, Cherie. And look at his face when he saw you dance tonight! You were fabulous James! They all loved you!”

“Gosh. I don’t wanna see them staring at me like this. Ugh. Maybe I’ll get some drinks first.”

He got up, and went straight to the table. He was surprised seeing Paul with his date, so he backed up, and started ____ to his table.

“Hey, James! Are you in a hurry?” said Paul, while approaching him, as Lalaine was talking to her friends.

“Oh, me? Naah. Of course, not. Are you enjoying tonight?”

“Yeah, sure. I guess. You never told me you can dance so well!,” said Paul, as he handed over a glass of Mango juice to James. “Mango juice, just as you liked it.”

“Why, thank you. If you only knew who I really wanted to dance with.” His last words were almost like a whisper, barely enough for Paul not to hear.

“Come again? The music was too loud, and I didn’t hear what you just said.”

“Oh, nothing. I said it was just a hidden talent I never knew I had! Come on, let’s go back.”

“If you say so. But I do know you said something else. I was right! Right? Haha” said Paul, as he messed James hair, and laughed as he went back to his table.

He was about to fix his hair, but thought, why bother? and smiled as he went back to his place as well.

“Oh please, not something like this tonight?”

Prom Night Part 1

It was Thursday night. Everyone was having prepared to have a blast, and it was the last party of the year for the graduating class. The ladies were either in flowing gowns or sexy cocktail dresses, while the men were in their flashy coat, slacks and tie. The reception area was set, with each table romantically lit with candlelight. Caterers were running around, fixing the evening’s buffet, and the lights and sounds were all ready for tonight’s big event.

A teacher signals the students to start falling in line, so that they may stay with their procession partners, as the activity was about to start.Two weeks ago, the Seniors were paired up with their Junior counterparts, practiced Minuet and Cotillon, and how to enter the big dancing hall. The guys were given roses to bestow to their loving dance partners, and the girls were pinned with their corsages.

While most of the students have fallen in line, others still, prepare for the event. Two guys were still fixing their coats and tie in the comfort room.

‘What do you think? Is it okay on me?’

“I’m not really sure. Just go with the blue one, Paul. It matches your tuxedo quite well.’

‘You sure with that? Ugh. I don’t wanna mess up tonight. I’ve been practicing the dance steps for later, and I think I might screw up!’

“Don’t worry too much, will ‘ya? I’m sure you’ll do just fine! ‘

And with a pat on his shoulder, he pushes him out of the CR and to fall in line at the gym.

‘Thanks James. I knew I could count on you when it comes to stuff like this! But, aren’t you coming with me yet?  You’ll be late if you don’t get there soon!’

‘And risk having us seen coming out of the bathroom together? You know how they are here. Haha! You go ahead. Two minutes.’

‘Aw geez. Well, okay. See you later!” And Paul went out, to catch up for the procession.

Now he’s left there standing alone.

Just like Paul, he does have the good looks too. He has the chinky eyes, the average-built body, the balladeer, and the all-around acads guy. He’s won awards in and out of the school. but tonight will not be his night. In fact, he dreads this night.

For his last dance, will never be his.