Emerging SUPREME

*I wrote this in the verge of cramming my Organization’s Operational Plan defense for tomorrow, so please bear your kuya’s/Sir’s grammar. My apologies also, for not being able to attend your Welcoming Rites yesterday morning, and your Graduation this afternoon. I feel very bad for not being able to do so, and because of that, I felt the urge to tell you how it’s been for me, having handled you from your First Day in Summer Training.

Being a Tactical Officer back at CMSHS has been one of the best things that I enjoyed once I graduated High School,( wellbesides from going back to school to teach 4th Year Chemistry from time to time.) Why? Because I always get to impart the stuff that I learned the hard way – the things that I had to undergo in order to be resilient, brave, and competent so I can be the best when the going gets tough.

Another thing, is because its fun to see new faces who want to be catalysts. Catalysts of Change in their own little ways. People who want to stand out, take the wheel and walk the path that others fear to tread. People who smile amidst difficulties and obstacles. People who unite in the most stressing situations. People who would never succumb to defeat, nor tofailure. These are the people I look forward to everytime I pass that turn as I walk towards the basketball court every MWF.

Some of you have been my mentees the previous year, and it was a relief for me to see familiar faces in the class. Sure, the signs of me doing this for three years in a row was slowly sinking in at that moment, but I shrugged it off and tried to show no particular preference in the training grounds. You were all equal, and it had to be that way. Of course, the young ones were no excuse to my strict way of commanding the drills, and management of behaviour. But remembing a quote which goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” I was sure that I wouldn’t let them skip my satire and my spontaneous stories. I was fun that way. And I hoped you were okay with how I dealt with stuff.

I tried to incorporate how things should actually be when you’re an Officer, and how things should be inside class. These are things you don’t leave behind once you get your ranks and positions. These are the things you have to carry out as young leaders who came into training, hoping to develop these values out of the weeks that you have trained.

You will continuously learn the drills, the marching, the sword-bearing, and the rifle drills, but the core values that you have learned will ALSO keep you on your post, and will earn you the respect from your subordinates. I have to be honest, it was a hard time foreseeing how it will turn out for your Class, as no one is standing out (for me, my apologies guys.).
It might be too early for me, and the others to think of this. But right now, I pose a big challenge for you guys:
I see that you have coined “Supremo” as your Class name. Superior among others. In character, performance, and in achievement. You have posed a challenge by choosing this name, for you shall be known as members of Class Supremo. And because of this, I challenge you to stand by this name, and live it out as you go through your ten months as Class Supremo for School year 2013 – 2014. You shall be known for this name, and it is your responsibility to act it out.

Young Leaders of Class Supremo, stand tall! For today, you shall no longer be Cadet/Cadette Trainees. You are now Officers of the Corps of Cadets of the City of Mandaluyong Science High School. Never forget what you have learned. Prove our worries and fears wrong.
For you all shall ( and definitely will) emerge Supreme.

Cdt. Maj. Jimenez, J.M.
Class Matalikha of 2010


Summer Study Spree

This is a response to a friend of mine who asked me about how I can help, in their somehow ‘dire’ situation and how to deal with a major subject which I am also taking up.

My friend asked me if I can enumerate some way that I have personally experienced while studying the subject. Since the semester is almost ending, and the grades are out, my friend wants to take this Summer as a chance to rebound from the drastic last semester of the Sophomore Year. And, because this major subject was a prerequisite to two more higher Chemistry subjects, it needed to be taken seriously. I may not be that of a great Chemistry student (as I can see in my exams. Well, not like I flunk every exam?) these few tips have helped me get through most of my academic ordeals.

1. Telling yourself that its ‘over and done’

Classcards distribution are the hardest parts in every ending of a semester. But, when the professor shows your grades right after a very disturbing (and sometimes traumatic) Major Exam, and you have this feeling that things aren’t going to be okay (and somehow, it did turn out wrong), the only thing you can do is pray about it. And when the results are out, and you see that big digit on your classcard, no one can blame you for feeling bad. Why? Its either you never really exerted that much effort for it or you weren’t prepared what was coming and you went slacking the whole semester. But, look at the bright side? There is still a next semester to rebound on it. And this time, your new mantra will be I WILL SURVIVE. LOL  just joking. I WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

2. Go backreading. Not tweets. Notes.

I tried rereading all my Organic Chemistry I notes that semestral break before I transferred to Adamson. My first semester was a disaster because of it, and I didn’t want to look dumb when I answer Stereochemistry questions when I get to AdU. But, I didn’t just reread them. I rewrote them in a new notebook. On my experience, writing made a bigger impression on my memory, than just plain reading them.

3. An early date with your books is good.

If you’re really determined to refresh yourself in reading your past lessons, the first thing in the morning is the best way to go. You have an empty brain (Not really “that” empty) and reading or memorizing is best at the time. Think of it like your own brand of….. wait for it….. not heroin! Newspaper!

4. Reliving the past is great, with reviewers.

All those yellow ruled pad paper sheets of reviewers would be of great help! The reviewers usually have the most info that you have studied for an exam. The reason why you wrote them in a simplified way, is because that is how you managed to understand the notes, making them much more personal. Try reading it while scanning your books, and it can somehow clear up the gaps that came when you stopped reading them.

5. Never stress yourself out.

C’mon? Its Summertime! No use for nosebleed reviewing? Learn how to chill out, but not too much. You can relax between reading chapters so you don’t fall asleep. Or, do something to perk you up!

6. Colleagues know well.

Learn how to ask for help, from the right persons. Imagine, why would you ask insights on an upcoming subject from someone who failed the subject a couple of times? Ask the GCs, or your best buddy who knows a lot about the subject. They can give you a lot of help with it, and share to you what to expect from the course outline. Who knows, they might also lend you some old stuff like used lab manuals to read!

7. He knows BEST.

Panicking that you might not pass the failed subject? Or, fearing that things might go worse next school year? Let out your worries to Him. He has never failed you. And don’t come telling me ‘But I’ve always prayed! He never answers them!’ You might be asking for the wrong stuff, that’s why. :)


Finally! First year college is over. Done are the days of first impressions, out-of-place in the University Foundation Day, NSTP, and (a few) General Education subjects. Sure enough, we still have 2 months to go before we finally say hello to Sophomore Life, next semester!

While most of my friends will be enjoying out of town, or at the beach, I’ll be pursuing my own list of activities this summer of 2011:

1. I don’t really think I would get the chance to go out much during the summer. First of all, I have this crazy goal to get fairer (laughs). I’ll be spending my early mornings jogging around Maysilo Circle in Mandaluyong or near Rizal Park in Manila, to burn out those cellulite that I stored the past few months. Honestly, I find my figure unappealing.

2. I still have the whole month of April to fix my transfer papers to the University of the Philippines. I planned to apply in UP Manila, Diliman and Los Banos. In UP Diliman, I think I can still transfer to either one of the three choices that I made: 1) BS Community Development (CSWCD) 2) B Physical Education (CHK) and 3) BS Geography (CSSP). Pretty far-off my current course, huh?

3. Summer time, is vacation time. NOT ONLY DOING HOUSEHOLD CHORES. FML/

4. I can start reading all those fiction books that I bought last semester! Now that they don’t have any kaagaw in attention anymore. And since I just created my very own Goodreads site so I can keep track with my book reading.

5. I have started with WordPress last September. Now that we have no classes, I can start fixing this blog of mine.

6. CHEMISTRY. Since the idea of ever getting into UP is still an enigma to me, I am still reviewing my major subjects for next semester — Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Its kinda fun, really. I’m still into naming those long structures, and balancing electrochemical equations.