Drawing the Line

When two points meet – from me to you
It goes across, my feelings too.
I kept hidden, despite the blues
The jealousies and envy cruel.

With you I keep a smile, at bay
He brings you that now, everyday
Three months long, I chose not to say.
Behind this line, still here I stay.



They lurk, they creep. They hear me weep
My heart out loud, I try to keep
And silence them inside my head
I stare outside the shop instead.

They seek, they feed on my defeat
And they grin on to my retreat
I close my eyes, tears down my cheek
As they get strong, while I’m here weak.

They sting; they stab, and leave me sore.
They made me doubt what I’d fight for.
I sigh and pray, coz there’s still more
Right there, just waiting out my door.