Ask Josh

Can you please specify your name, and your age?

– I’m Josh, and I’m 24 years old.

When did you start blogging? Why did you start blogging?

– I started blogging way back in 2008. I was still using Multiply then. After two years, I started using WordPress when I got to College. Blogging for me, is a great avenue to actually share your thoughts, feelings, and insights on a lot of great things. Well, of course that depends on the kind of blog you want to have.

So, as for your blog? What do the readers get to read from your post?

– Well , the readers get to read some of my literary works, like the poems I used to make, the haikus that come to me often, things that I get to ponder on the world, and my crazy life as a Pharmacy Student as well.

What made you decide on shifting courses? And isn’t choosing a difficult course to shift to, a rather unusual choice to do?

– I decided to transfer to Adamson U’s Pharmacy program two years ago, due to personal reasons, also, because I want to become a Clinical Pharmacist in the near future, a really big shift from my previous interest which was R&D

In your free time, what do you usually do?

– I sleep. (Kidding) I try to do my homework, I listen to music. I eat, I watch movies that I never got the chance to watch on the big screen, or play DoTA 2. and I sleep.

It seems you have a lot of “free” time, huh?

– Its like Gibbs Free Energy, you know. Its not really “free”. As much as I have to, I try to balance my free time with my study time, since I never get much of your so-called “free” time. Heheh

If I wanna ask you more stuff, where should I go for more details?

– Try my account. :)


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