From Where I Stand

“Never waste the chance, to a life worth living.
For a person, who from the start was already worth leaving”
(Jimenez, 2012)

I always thought that it was the “ride” of my life. That I could never be in such a better place than by his side. And that no matter how difficult it was for the both of us to compromise, we always found our way back into love(Too bad, it was only for the lyrics.). Never had it occured to me, that a once so happy couple, would eventually conceive a breakup that was definitely hard for me to bear.

I don’t know if he even passes by my WordPress blog, but rest assured this post has no room for the bitter feelings I somehow harbored for him: seemingly moved on so easily, unlike old-fashioned Joshua, who still contemplates about his experiences, and mending old scars with friends, who I shunned during my darkest days.

But then again, despite the fact that I do look disappointed with how things went for the two of us, a light shines in me – a light that never dimmed out, nor confined. I finally realized that it was the best decision I had, and that leaving that set-up was a very good idea. Sure, I was furious of the things that I found out, and how everytime I seemed to be aggravated in the relationship, but no matter how difficult it was, God knew I could get myself through it, and that I need not bicker with who’s the bad guy
There are things, I am still unsure of. But I know am more to this, and I could grow bigger and better! That, I can always be sure about.